MIT’s Enterprise Poets Prize for Imagining a Future

In the Spring of 2007, MIT began awarding two yearly prizes (a $700 First Prize and a $500 Second Prize) to graduate and undergraduate students who convincingly imagine a future human enterprise. The prize was founded and endowed by Brian Mulconrey.

This competition is named the Enterprise Poets Prize for Imagining a Future – Submissions can be essays, short stories, videos, plays, or poems, that convincingly imagine a future human enterprise. The word enterprise is used in the broadest possible sense to cover products, processes, companies, industries, forms of government, social movements, artistic forms – any human endeavor. (Continued…)

Enterprise Poetry

“What can a poem tell you about your business that earnings reports cannot? For one thing, it can offer an inspiring vision of what is possible, rather than exclusively a historical perspective…A unique new form of business foresight, then, is ‘enterprise poetry,’ the brainchild of business consultant and poet Brian Mulconrey.” – from World Future Society’s futurist UPDATE